Belitung is an Island in South East Asia a part of Nusantara archipelago. Belitung rules by Indonesia since 1950 and became a district of South Sumatera province. Effective November 21st, 2000 Belitung together with Bangka Island has been approved to became the 31st province of Indonesia separated from South Sumatera. The new province called Kepulauan Bangka Belitung province. Belitung is placed at 107o 35' - 108o 18' Latitude and 2o 30' - 3o 15' Longitude.




As a part of Nusantara archipelago, Belitung was a part of Sriwijaya kingdom in 7th century and a part of Majapahit kingdom in 10th century. The latest rules before occupied by European, the island is a part of Palembang sultanate. There was small sultanate in this island, which is Balok sultanate in South and Sijuk sultanate in North. But the documents about these 2 sultanates are very minimum. In 1812 British ceded Belitung but The British recognized Dutch claims to Belitung in 1824. During Dutch occupation the tin mining industry was began. Most of residence worked in tin mining industry and some of the workers emigrated from China. The mining industry is still continuing until now. In 1950 Belitung became a part of Indonesia and became one among 8 district in South Sumatera province with Palembang as capital.


Visit Belitung Island

Until now Belitung has not been a tourist destination in comparison with, for example, Bali where tourism has been common for many years. There are no luxury hotels; tourist targeted shopping and entertainment facilities. Belitung has stayed natural and un spoilt. Coming here is a bit of an adventure where the tourist has to be more self- sufficient and adaptable. This island is not a copy of Bali, Lombok or Batam; it is special and is an experience worth enjoying. Visitors have to come prepared, bring things like swimwear, diving equipment, medicines, cosmetics, sunglasses and sun cream. Foreign tourists should also note that there are no duty free facilities on the island and should, therefore, anticipate any requirements. On the whole the people of Belitung are very friendly and willing to help, with no doubt. Because the island is relatively isolated they are always pleased to meet visitors, especially foreigners. It is important to remember that not

many people speak English at the moment but this is changing as English is taught as a second language in schools


Tanjung Pandan

The capital is Tanjung Pandan about 45 minute flight from Jakarta. Once a week there is a direct flight from Palembang to Buluh Tumbang airport of Tanjung Pandan. Ferry connects Pangkal Pinang in Bangka island and Tanjung Pandan Belitung daily 4 hours of sailing by Express Bahari Speed Boat. The topography consists of lowland and some small areas of swamp while in the middle part there is highland in groups of 150 - 200 meters above the sea level. Like Bangka, Belitung is also called a tin island. It is the second biggest tin producer in Indonesia.



Manggar is the 2nd largest town in Belitung. It's placed in Eastern coast about 90 km from Tanjungpandan. Manggar is also a sub district with 37.845 Ha area, 12 villages and 27 small islands along Manggar sub district beach. The main economy activity in Manggar was tin mining. Manggar was the center of tin mining activity in Belitung starting from 19th century pioneered by Dutch people. There was western standard residential area in a hilly beach in Eastern of town. This place calls as Gunung Samak. There are hundreds of houses along the hill facing the beach. Until middle 1980s the tin mining activity is still running, taken over by Indonesian people under PT TIMAH a state owned tin mining company. Gunung Samak is still an exclusive place at this time, even more pleasure with Golf Court facility in the beach close to Gunung Samak. Now Gunung Samak has no longer exist staring middle 1980s when PT TIMAH ending their tin mining exploitation in Manggar after up to 100 years in operation. Manggar is not only about tin, people live as normal and there is always economy activity that makes the town life. There are many nice places that can be visited like:
Serdang beach, Burung Mandi beach, Malang Lepau beach, Pengepangan beach, Tirta Surya natural swimming pool,
Payak Lake, Kwan In Chinese temple.

Majority people's here working as fisherman, and that is why I could see there is many small fisherman boat landing on the side of the beach or pier.

Provinsi Kep. Bangka Belitung

This new province was formed on 4 December 2000 by our third president Abdurrachman Wahid. The main islands are Pulau Bangka and Belitung


Bangka Belitung

Bangka Island is one of the island belong to Bangka-Belitung Province. The name Bangka is derived from the word ""Wangka"" which means ""tin"". This word was also written in a Sriwijaya inscription dated 686 AD. and discovered near the place Kota Kapur in West Bangka. Bangka can best be reached by air from Jakarta by scheduled flight in just about an hour by jet. Boat service from Palembang to either Muntok or Pangkal Pinang is adequate and should not take more than an overnight voyage.